Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Paul & Joe lets you play peekaboo with your lipstick ;)

i'm not sure whether to call this cute or freaky..
hmm, maybe cute in a freaky way, or freaky in a cute way. lol.

looks pretty normal on the outside...

roll up the tube and... *gasp* - boo! lol.
(source: FAnet via Rouge Deluxe)

i have no idea how to apply this on your lips without 'killing' the cat or ruining your lip makeup. hehe.. so weird. i seriously wouldn't know where to start applying. i guess a lip-brush might be the only logical way. nonetheless, i have to admit the kitty carving is quite delicately done on the lipstick.. very pretty, it's almost like chocolate.. hehe.

not the most practical of lipsticks but definitely a unique collectible and conversation piece. Paul & Joe always has the prettiest packaging and girliest makeup and beauty sets. i don't think i'd be getting one of these (likely very expensive) kitty lipsticks, but the face colour collection for Fall 2010 sure looks very enticing ;) not the usual Paul & Joe single eyeshadows. check them out.
i love the swans packaging, but the colours on the other set look simply gorgeous!
this is sales strategy, the product designers always pair the less interesting colours with the nicer packaging :p

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