Sunday, February 19, 2006

"baby" plush toys... anyone?

i'm sure most of us would have heard of anne geddes - her oh-so-adorable photographs and products of babies, mostly pictured with huge colourful flowers, ladybirds or bees etc. she's capable of making pictures that make one go "awwww...." in an instant.

just saw this on her website - baby plush toys. apparently, these are cuddly plush toys, each with a face that resembles a r-e-a-l newborn baby. take a closer look at the images.... i can't say for all, but i sure am not comfortable buying a toy like that for a kid or even myself. kinda eerie, if you know what i mean.

don't get me wrong, these baby plush toys are really cute (there's bear, bunny, bee, ladybug), makes you wanna pick one up and give it a big squishy-squashy cuddle. each even comes packaged in an egg-shaped container.

hmmm... but somehow, i would just leave it at that - hug and go. just won't bring one home, too life-like for my comfort. no offence.

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