Tuesday, February 28, 2006

confession time

i have a confession to make - i bought a NEW wallet today.... again! :P

there's absolutely nothing wrong with buying a new wallet. problem is: i JUST bought myself a new wallet 3 months ago *guilty* and i love my current renoma wallet to bits.

a wallet can typically last me for 2 - 5 years, i don't change that often, so having 2 new wallets at the same time just seem quite ridiculous (i can't say the same for handbags though - i have tons of them..... but you can change handbags everyday to match different outfits, so that is alright :D).

posted a picture of my newbie above - it's from pierre cardin. i first saw it at the handbag department in takashimaya, and i knew i had to get it... it's so "me"! :) i LOVE pink + black colour-combi... it's so chic, pretty and sexy. you probably can't see the details in that image i posted, those motif-prints are actually pink threads machine-sewn onto the leather cover... oooh, too lovely! plus the size is just perfect - 6 card slots + 3 side pockets + 1 transparent ID slot (where i can insert my fav. picture!) too cool....

at first, i tried to resist the temptation and walked away. so i didn't get the wallet - at least not at takashimya. but i couldn't get it out of my mind. i walked all the way to CK tangs, told myself if i could find the same wallet there, then i'd get it instantly (since i have $30+ rebate value in my tangs card)... so as you can see, i DID find the same wallet at tangs. there was a 10% discount off pierre cardin wallets + after redeeming my rebates, i ended up paying less than half the retail price for the lovely wallet.
i'm a happy girl today :D

not using my new wallet yet - decided that i shouldn't foresake my 3-month-old renoma wallet for newer fancy. so i shall store the newbie for now, wait till some special occassion before transferring all my cards and such over.

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