Saturday, February 11, 2006


i just broke my own record, 4 new posts in a single day. can't help it, i'm fuming mad now... needed to come up here to vent.

just had an argument with mum. it all started over a small disagreement and then escalated to more intensive argument. i'm so fed up, i'm actually still shaking from frustration as i'm typing this.

my mum is finally going for her first holiday in years. she's planning to go china with dad sometime in march/ april, and i'm happy for them. she's ironing her clothes while i was watching tv... then suddenly she said, "when i go on holiday in march, remember to remind your brother to wash his military uniform when he comes home over the weekends..."

to that, i told my mum honestly... i will not be bothered with that. (he's almost 22 for goodness sake). i told her that he's old enough to take care of his own things, and i won't care even if he has to wear dirty clothes back to the army. if he can't even take responsibility of his own life, make sure he dumps his own clothes into to washing machine when he comes home, then let him learn his lesson when he has to wear soiled clothes or get punished by his officer.

that reply triggered off a whole chain of accusations and nags from mum. she accused me of being a heartless sister, a useless daughter who wouldn't even help her own mum. (what an accusation!) then she went on to say girls are supposed to help with everything around the house, guys don't even have to lay a finger. OMG! what century are we living in now? i can't believe my own mum actually condones that. honestly, this kind of thinking disgusts me.

i lead a proper life, i work hard to earn my own living, i behave myself, never worry my parents over my personal problems, give my mum monthly allowances since i found my first job. even before than, i stopped taking pocket money from her when i started giving tuitions right after junior college education - FYI, i was 18 then (considered relatively sensible for a typical local teenager).

my brother, at the age of 22, still takes money from my mum... not only has he NOT given my mum a single cent (granted, he only gets a nominal national service token of less than $500 each month for now), he comes home every weekend, sleep away like nobody's business, contribute nothing to the family, dumps his stinky haversack in the living room and waits for my mum to come home, buy him dinner and then dig out his dirty laundry to wash. what kind of crappy life is that?

and my mum thinks i'm heartless just cuz i'm not willing to wash his clothes? d-u-h!
she went on with her unreasonable rants, until i snapped back at her.

i raised my voice, knowing i am not in the wrong, rebuted that she is NOT helping my brother in any way at all! this spoon-feeding in all manners just drives me crazy. in the past, she said i'm being jealous, whatever she wants to think... i just KNOW that in today's society, if my brother doesn't wake up and realise he better buck up and take responsibility of his own life, he's gonna have a very very tough time surviving out there. she's in fact causing him more harm than any good.

nobody's gonna give him a second chance if he continues to wait for people to spoon-feed him. nobody's gonna be patient enough to take you by the hand and go through everything step by step. in today's society, you have to observe and pick things up yourself - fast, you have to learn to fend for yourself. if you don't, you will be eliminated. period. that's how life is right now.

and mum thinks i'm NOT helping my brother by not washing his clothes, that i'm a heartless sister, a useless daughter (how hurtful). i beg to differ.

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