Saturday, February 04, 2006

women secret - baby valentine collection

received women secret e-newsletter today, saw their new baby valentine collection... wow! soooo cute! i want!!! :D

baby valentine PJ
baby valentine t-shirt & boxer
baby valentine nightdress

don't know when this collection will arrive at the local stores, must ask the sales assistants at great world city next week. the prices are steep (as with most women secret stuff) but the colours are so bright and lovely, and the kitty cat prints drive me crazy... hehe. *lemmings lemmings*

just remembered that my citibank dividend card offers discount at women secret... yay! more push factor to get the nighties ;)

ps: wrecking your brains for an innovative idea to propose to your man?
check this out (click on the image).... bet you won't even have to ask :P

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