Sunday, February 19, 2006

coach 2006 patchwork & scribble collection

i love the new coach hamptons patchwork & scribble collection 2006.... so colourful and pretty :)

i don't own any coach handbags yet, but sure am toying with the idea of getting one when the right opportunity strikes *wink*. the 2006 spring range is so pretty, so cheerful and fun! am resisting the temptations for now, keep telling myself that it's much cheaper getting coach in the USA... hehe.

my current favourites from the hamptons weekend collection:
- patchwork small hobo
- patchwork small tote
- patchwork pouch
- patchwork wristlet
- scribble wristlet
- scribble demi roll


^cherie said...

Whoa, nice! I love the small hobo and patchwork pouch! Argh!

celest said...

hehehe.. yea, good things gotta share ;) i love the patchwork too! the pouch is cute, and more affordable as compared to the others, but still ex... sigh.

chanel handbag replica said...

I love it. Good. Do have an awesome day.