Monday, February 06, 2006

pink is BIG :)

after 2 years 2 months of loyalty to my nokia 7250i, i finally bought myself a new mobile phone on saturday - the lovely nokia 6111 pink! this is the 3rd mobile phone i've ever owned in my entire life, the only one i paid for myself :P one glance and you can tell it's a lady's phone... sleek design, compact size, feminine colours/ themes etc.

i had been casually looking out for a new target since late last year - cuz my 2-year singtel plan expired in december, which meant i could get a new phone at a fraction of it's retail price when i renew my subscription. all my phones had been nokia-made. as much as i tried to give other manufacturers a chance, i still find myself drawn back to the safe & easy, idiot-proof navigations of a nokia phone. sadly though, nokia hadn't exactly come up with interesting phones for a long time, unlike it's competitors samsung, sony ericsson, even motorola.....

sometime in december, i fell in love with a new phone model - nokia 7370. when i first saw the dummy set behind the display shelves in a wywy shop, i knew i had to start saving up for it. it was love at first sight! i started reading up on the phone, features, online reviews and all... then somehow, the novelty wore off. my short-lived "love-affair".

then came along nokia 6111... i loved the tv commercial "little moves mean a lot", it made me smile. but i didn't think much of the phone (thought it was too much of a copycat version of samsung's predecessors), until i saw pictures of the pink model *instant twinkle in my eye* :D ahhh.. pink, my weak spot (though you rarely find me admitting it).

since i just ended my last "fling" with nokia 7370, i didn't want to jump right into another one without being sure. i read some reviews, there were complaints about the short battery life, fragile slide mechanism, noisy keypads etc. so that made me somewhat half-hearted about nokia 6111. then last week, right after chinese new year break, my colleague came back to work with a new nokia 6111 white. ooh, and i'm sold. i don't care even if i have to be extra extra careful when handling the phone, i love how compact & smooth it feels in my palm, the cute slider... and the ringtones sound so good. i'd made up my mind!

on saturday, i picked up the newspapers and called all the singtel distributors near my area to enquire about the availablity of the pink handset. disappointment started to creep in when 4 - 5 stores told me that pink's out of stock. but i refused to budge... continued dialing down the list of stores until i finally located a store in centrepoint that has one last set for sale -yay! and that's how i began my love-story with nokia 6111 pink :)

this phone is super uber cute... comes with a one-megapixel camera + bluetooth too. now i gotta get a bluetooth adapter to start synchronising my phone with PC, upload pictures + ringtones + MP3s.
for now, everytime the phone rings, i get a high *lol*....

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