Saturday, February 25, 2006

movie time

as the trend goes... i watched another movie last night - rumour has it, starring jennifer anniston and kevin cosnan. wasn't planning on watching this show, but since it was a last-minute decision to catch a midnight show somewhere near my place, this seemed like the only decent show to watch.

sometimes it's good to walk into the cinema without any expectations, this one turned out better than we thought. it's light-hearted, funny, well-paced, interesting. and jennifer anniston is ever beautiful with gorgeous hair and to-die-for figure. she looked great in the show. btw, mark ruffalo (jennifer's fiance in the movie) is kinda cute too - i like dark-haired guys ;) also, the movie leaves you something to think about love & fidelity.

since i'm likely going to watch yet another movie pretty soon, figured i might as well jot down my "wishlist".... upcoming: mrs henderson presents (judi dench), failure to launch (sarah jessica parker), nanny mcphee (emma thompson/colin firth), the libertine (jonny depp).....


carolyn said...

Ooh...I like dark-haired guys too, esp if they are rugged too ;p

Can I watch Mrs Henderson Presents with you? Hehe.

celest said...

hehehe.. looks like my blog has become my movie-appointment schedule book ;) okie, "mrs henderson presents" this coming fri after work or sat?