Tuesday, February 07, 2006

i cried.

must be the pent up stress level and all that lack of quality sleep... just little unhappy things that tipped off the balance, and *wail*.... i cried. 5 mins. ago.

i literally sat in front of the PC since the moment i woke up this morning, worked non-stop on my projects, except to stop for lunch and dinner. i called in to say i need to work from home today, cuz there's just toooooo much work to be done, all that nitty gritty details, documentations etc. i needed the time to concentrate and actually get things done, so i chose to avoid the disturbances from colleagues at work. i probably accomplished more today, than any other 2-day's efforts combined, when i'm in the office.

anyway, today's monday - or rather, yesterday (it's past midnight now). my favourite tv shows -
desperate housewives (new season, first episode) and grey's anatomy were showing monday night. i had been so looking forward to them a-l-l of last week. i never missed an episode of either show. they have become my subtle source of motivation to get on with another week. helps beat the monday blues too.

i knew i had to work late tonight, so it's a choice between (i) watching the shows live (from 10pm - 12 midnight) and then catching up with work after that, or (ii) record the shows on VCR, then watch them some other evenings when i'm free. usually, i'd give in to option 1 and then feel too sleepy to finish my work after that... but tonight i was bent on getting my work done, i couldn't afford to pile up anymore "undone work" for tomorrow. so i went with option 2, put in the tape and contently went on with work.

came 12 midnight, i went to the VCR to retrieve my tape... and alas!!! my dad switched off the entire TV plug without even checking!! first it was intense shock, followed by an overwhelming sense of disappointment + anger + frustration... then i calmly knelt down to examine my tape.... only 20% was used (lots of it probably tv commercials)... and all of a sudden, i just broke down and sobbed. *sob sob* *sob sob* *sob sob*...

i'm very sad that i missed both my favourite shows on tv, but i know it's more of the stress plus tire plus some other unknown elements that really pushed me over my limit. some of you must be thinking i'm crazy, fancy crying over some tv episodes i missed.... i guess you're probably right. but i couldn't help it. besides, people do weird things all the time, don't we?

time to head to bed. almost 1am now... gotta be in the office by 8am to prepare for a meeting at 9:30am. i wish i could make time slow down a little once in a while. i'm really tired.


carolyn said...

Awww....*hugs*. Sorry, I didn't stay online long to chat/comfort/commiserate with you last night. Check CC or if any kind soul can dl the episodes for you. I think it is the work stress that is causing that.

Anyway, it is good to cry. Release the tension/stress. Come to my place and I can give you a massage to de-stress. Spa environment here. Hehe :p

celest said...

don't worry about it, i didn't stay online too long after too. yes, you're right.. it's the stress more than anything. missing the shows was just a trigger point, though i really wish i didn't miss those episodes. well, maybe friday's retail therapy might help :P thanks!

carolyn said...

Hehe. Yes, Friday! P&J kept calling me today to tell me about my reserved stuff to put in either wisma or scotts.

You free on Feb 14 to join us girls for my bday celebration? Please say yes :p

^cherie said...

*hugs* to celest too!

Think u need a good getaway soon! In the meantime, retail therapy is always good! lol..

celest said...

thanks ladies!
i posted on cozycot to try my luck, and glossie offered to lend me her tape! best of all, she recorded BOTH "desperate housewives" & "grey's anatomy" *yay* can't believe my luck. she's really kind... i'm picking up the tape on saturday evening :)