Wednesday, September 20, 2006

clip on your music!

i'm not so much a gadget-girl, gotta admit that i don't even own any MP3 player - the only iPod product i have ever purchased, was the iPod shuffle i got for my brother's 21st birthday last year.

but i just HAVE TO put this on my blog, it is way toooooo cool to be missed! :D
ladies & gentlemen *drum rolls*.... check out the new generation iPod shuffle! (((tada)))

it's a tiny metallic clip-on! OMG, what else can i say? so mini, slim, so sleek, so cool... even doubles up as a regular clip for your A4-notes.. or use it as a tie-pin, money-clip! ;) US$79 for 1Gb, certainly worth every bit of it!

only complaint: it now connects to the computer via a mini-dock, no longer a plug-&-upload USB connector in itself.

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