Tuesday, September 26, 2006

it's time for mooncakes! :D

the annual mooncake-munching time has arrived again. this entry is specially timed to mark the 10-day countdown to mid-autumn festival :) this year i've ordered raffles the plaza (szechuan court) assorted alcohol-chocolate flavoured snowskin mooncakes for my granddad/aunt's family - yumm yumm :9

on top of that, i went by the mooncake fair at takashimaya shopping centre last weekend (big mistake.. *tsk tsk*) and couldn't resist picking up these 2 adorably packaged single-mooncakes too (chocolate-walnut & red-bean with mung beans).

note to self: a packaging-sucker like me should avoid big fancy fairs as much as possible ;)

btw, check out this interesting website - 2006 mid autumn splash off. inspired by the mentos-eruption idea, a group of youngsters in hong kong are appealing to people via their website to send in pictures of "erupting cola" to celebrate mid-autumn this year. as much as i'm turned off by the idea of wasting food (or drink/ candies in this case) for unpurposeful reasons, i'm intrigued by the mentos-eruption phenomena.

my brother did mention recently that mentos candies + coca cola = eruption but i wouldn't believe all that nonsense.... until i read about it on wikipedia by chance:

The experiment involves dropping several
Mentos candies into a bottle of cola, resulting in an eruption. This reaction occurs because of the rapidly expanding carbon dioxide inside once the Mentos are introduced to the carbonation.

WATCH THIS VIDEO - steve spangler's step-by-step experiment (5 bottles straight!)
incredibly fun! :P

so next time a kid tells you that he can create explosions with his baby food and orange juice, don't brush it off until you see it for yourself ;)

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