Saturday, September 09, 2006

a joke about my earrings....

if you had read the earrings post right before this, you'd have seen the lovely rose earrings i'd bought few days ago. the other day, i was all dressed up to head out for work. picked out the yellow-brown paper earrings and put them on, all happy and satisfied with the way they matched my outfit.

i went to burger king for breakfast that morning and the phone rang.... then came the problem. i couldn't hear the other person clearly! didn't take me long to realise that the paper-earring, being fairly big and 3-dimensional, made it impossible for my phone to rest flat on my ear (no matter how i shifted it around), so that somehow obstructed my hearing :P

oh well... so much for pretty earrings *lol*.
in the end, i had to put the call on hold for a sec. while i removed my earrings, just so i could have a proper phone conversation. hehehe... felt so silly. the rest of the day, that pair of rose earrings remained sadly hidden in my handbag.

guess next time i wear one of these 3D earrings, i'd have to make sure i have the headset/ earpiece plugged into my mobile phone ;)

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