Thursday, September 21, 2006

cosmetics with a twist

i'm attracted to pretty things (don't we all?).... and i'm a big sucker for nice packaging. looks like this beauty brooch from too faced cosmetics is worth a mention :) cute little accessory with somewhat funky-victorian mix of dangling charms, plus lip gloss hidden in that oval-shaped retro-looking trinket - quite unique. selling at US$28.50 each, i feel it's slightly overpriced. anyway, we can't find too faced cosmetics counters in singapore :(

if you're not into brooches, check this out instead - the ring rouge from anna sui deserves huge raves too! not a new product, i received a gift pack of 3 ring rouges (each with a different-coloured rose-scented lip gloss) some 2 years back. they are really pretty and look so vintage!

i love them to bits... but the plastic lid of my 1st ring broke, the 2nd one got lost in a public toilet (blame it on my bad habit of removing my ring when washing hands), so that leaves my 3rd lonesome one sadly sitting behind the doors of my makeup cupboard for now.

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