Tuesday, September 12, 2006

itchy itch

i've got hives (also known as "feng mo" in chinese) - itch like crazy!
wonder what caused the reaction - can you believe i was woken up by the itch in the middle of the night at 3:00am??! got out of bed to inspect and found rashes all over my thighs, calves, upper arms, back and at the sides of the waist! eeeiiiks! figured it could be due to the heat (been quite hot and humid these days) or some allergic reaction to something i had eaten, or maybe dust. yea, i got into a sudden "clean-the-room" mood yesterday morning, so i spent the first 2 hours in the morning sweeping, mopping, dusting, cleaning, wiping etc. worked myself into a sweat.... so much for trying to keep the room clean, ended up with hives *sigh*

the itch got a little better this morning, also helped that i tried not to scratch. but by evening time, for some reason, the itch came back again. now i'm trying hard to resist the urge to scratch. if it doesn't get better tomorrow, i'm going to the doc. or pharmacy to get some antihistamines. i just don't like to spend money seeing the doc. over such matters. oh well....


carolyn said...

oh yeah, it could be due to stress too. and hives can come and go, never disappear completely. I can pass you my itch solution which I got from the doc when I had hives last month. Quite foul smelling though.

celest said...

thanks! the hives got better these 2 nights (usually most itchy in middle of my sleep). i woke up with some mild patches at the back of my neck this morning. rest of the day, i'm ok. hopefully by tonight, it'll be all gone :)