Monday, September 04, 2006

make fried-rice the "cheat" way

fried rice is easy to cook - everyone can make fried rice in minutes, tastes especially good with overnight/ chilled rice. by chance, i found a "cheat" way to make fried rice taste good easily. that is to save your leftover rice from those takeaway economic rice (chup chai beng) stalls, especially if the stall-owner generously poured dark gravy or curry sauce over it *yumm yumm* :9

it's also a very good way to "recycle" rice that you just can't finish from lunch... hehehe (happens too often for me, cuz i tend to order lots of dishes, eat less rice). however, please do this only for takeaway portions, NOT those you had for lunch at the coffee shop and get uncle to ta-bao (wrap up) and then left for hours on your office desk... no no *shakes head*.

i made fried rice from my leftover-rice (from lunch) for dinner tonight. the stall-owner gave me so much rice, even the leftover portion was huge. i'm stuffed now! ;p this is such a fool-proof way to make fried rice cuz the gravy had already been completely absorbed into the rice, making it taste effortlessly good even without adding seasoning. so i just stir-fried some dried scallop, ikan billis (dried anchovies), fresh seaweed, mixed peas and egg, along with the chilled rice. nothing else added... tastes so good and looks not too bad either erh? hehehe... my "cheater" fried rice ;)

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