Monday, September 04, 2006

woof woof

i love this new doggie-shaped keyfob from coach! another love-at-first-sight ;p

this year, i bought my very first coach tote bag (from the spring hamptons patchwork collection) + a mini skinny coin pouch from the US :D love them to bits. i have not bought anymore "luxuries" from coach since then, though i'm like constantly drooling over coach's every new collection... *tsk tsk* not healthy for my bank account ;p

i would love to buy myself this doggie keyfob - if only it's priced in singapore dollars, NOT US$38 (comes up to about S$65 incl. tax). more bad news, singapore coach boutiques typically mark-up prices by another 30-40% *faint*... i would be insane to pay that much for a keyfob. so *boo hoo* no adorable keyfob for me, shall just continue to browse and drool ;)

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