Tuesday, September 19, 2006

photo bag it

photobags are nothing new. london-based designer anya hindmarch started a celebrity following when her "be a bag" collection was launched in a charity promotion back in 2001. these lovely photobags come in various shapes and sizes, colour-combinations, textures and styles. besides printing your own photo on it, you can also opt for one of the many oh-too-cute ready-printed photobags (mostly of adorable animals or interesting moments).

there is a anya hindmarch boutique in singapore (used to be at paragon, it's currently closed - heard it's in the midst of relocating to takashimaya) but unfortunately carries only a very limited range of designs for the ready-made photobags. the other "unbaggable" fact of course, is that these customisable photobags don't come cheap. priced between S$500 - S$800 on average, i'm happy just keeping my favourite photo tucked inside my wallet for now :)

last weekend, i chanced upon a makeshift counter at takashimaya shopping centre that was promoting something similar called bag-it! - generally same concept as that of anya hindmarch's "be a bag" collection, but cheaper (made of canvas & satin) - S$248 for a regular landscape or portrait tote bag; S$268 for the bigger-sized diaper/ messenger bag. you submit your selected photo, choose the style/ colour/ size/ straps of the bag, and the company prints it for you. according to the sales assistant, production time takes approximately 4 weeks. so if you intend to start christmas shopping earlier this year, perhaps you might want to check this out...

i like the buckles series :) check out the gallery here.

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