Monday, September 04, 2006

my day...

i'm so dead tired right now. been sitting in front of the laptop literally from the moment i stepped out of bed till now. my hair's in a mess, i haven't changed out of my sleepwear... and did i brush my teeth this morning? (hmm.. yes i did) ;p fyi - it's 7:00pm here. one whole day flew by in my slouchy attire.

many of my friends envy me for being able to work from home on some days (like today), as much as it sounds relaxingly wonderful, i have to tell you... this sometimes also means more gruelling hours of work. really. take all that time you spend dressing yourself up, putting on makeup, selecting which top to go with your skirt and then which pair of shoes to match your entire outfit, enjoy a leisurely breakfast, the bus/MRT ride/ walk to your office.... convert all that into non-stop hours fixated in front of the laptop.... well, not exactly a bed of roses afterall. ok, i'm not really complaining :)

today's been a really productive day. besides stopping for 40 mins. to get myself lunch, all day i've been typing tons of emails, making business phonecalls, troubleshooting problems, managing project timelines, handling 101 matters at one time! everything was happening so simultaneously, i actually got a high on that! (not that i crave this kind of "highness") *('_')* but it's great to see productivity translate into real work done at the end of the day.

my body's aching now, esp. the neck & back. my eyes are so tired.
wish someone would give me a back massage, that'd be lovely :)
ok, no more work for today - time for tv & dinner! yay!

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