Thursday, September 21, 2006

louis vuitton meets tintin

i'm not really crazy over louis vuitton bags. i guess partly because i don't have such deep pockets for them to begin with :P i used to think LV monogram prints are a tad bit "oldish" and rigid, not as fun and sporty as gucci's or coach's canvas monograms.

but i changed my mind - check out these upcoming cuties from the LV monogram groom collection (limited edition). the cute tintin-like prints certainly brighten up the classic monogram and give it an entirely different feel. i actually like this :) in my opinion, way better than the monogram multicolore or the limited edition cherry/ cherry-blossom prints from earlier seasons.

said to be launched in LV stores from late-october 2006 onwards, interested ladies, do keep a lookout :)

- cozycot: louis vuitton thread

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