Tuesday, September 19, 2006

eat to live or live to eat?

recently stumbled upon a local food blog - food glorious food, pretty impressive stuff! junie is one of the regulars on cozycot and i've seen a couple of her food-review posts before. didn't realise she has a blog until few days ago. now that i've seen it, sets me wondering what good food i've been missing out all my life? *lol* i guess that's one of the "side-effects" of being out of touch with the local dating scene for so long. somehow i just didn't see the need in dining out that often. besides, i'm someone who would feel the pinch if i splurge on food... still more of a shopaholic kinda girl ;)

back to the topic, i'm really impressed with the extensive listing of food places (mostly local) junie has on her blog. complete with drools-worthy pictures and detailed categorisations, i'd say she can certainly sideline as a contributor for one of those "wine & dine" magazines anytime.

next time i need ideas for new food places, i'd know where to look them up :)


carolyn said...

Great! You found her blog! I have been wondering about her blog address. Cool! She is really fantastic in taking drool-worthy pictures.

Junie said...

hihi.. chanced upon ur blog as a referral to my blog. Thank you so much for the interest. :)

celest said...

yes carolyn, her pictures always make me hungry, very well-taken.

hi junie! thanks for dropping by :) you've got great stuff on your blog, please keep up the yummy reviews and pictures!