Monday, September 25, 2006

hady mirza - our new singapore idol :)

yay!!! three cheers for our new singapore idol - hady mirza! so happy he emerged the winner tonight :D shows that singaporean audiences still make sensible choices afterall :p this good-looking chap sings well, selects great songs, looks cute & down-to-earth, has good vocals, gives entertaining performances on stage.... in my opinion, certainly the most deserved person to win this competition.

i didn't follow through every "piano show" in this singapore idol 2006 season but ever since i heard hady's very soulful rendition of the malay number "
lagenda", i knew i'd root for him till the end. fyi, i broke my own record and sms-voted twice for him (never done this before) - once after he sang that malay song (which i didn't understand a single word of), and once last night after the final showdown. spent a total of S$1.20 on him, so i probably contributed 0.000000001% of his success tonight *lol* :P

i'm not that obsessed to follow the idol-contestants all around their island-wide tours, buy their CDs or spend big bucks to go watch the concert at indoor stadium. to me, that S$1.20 was a remarkable feat already :) just glad that a well-deserved (and cute) contestant won the show. hip hip hurray!

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