Sunday, September 17, 2006


sleep is such a luxury - good quality sleep is heaven!
all living creatures sleep (or at least rest) everyday. it is something we do so naturally at the end of a workday, that we don't give much thought to.

the other day, i was dead tired. by the time i hit the sack at around 12:30am, i could feel every single muscle and cell in my body leap in joy. i could almost hear them go "ooohhh ahhhh...." in unison, as my head laid down on the soft fluffy pillow - sheer bliss! to be able to enjoy sleep like that is such a blessing.

last night, i got to bed at 2:00am. tired as always, it didn't take me long to be totally knocked out. but at around 4:00am, it felt like i was sleeping in a sauna room. even though the fan was oscillating at the end of my bed, the heat was unbearable. dragged myself up, went to the washroom and then came back to stand in front of the fan for a few minutes before returning to bed. for some reason, i just couldn't get back to sleep. tossed around for a while, and the next time i looked at the clock, it was already 5:00am! how did all that time fly by so fast? i never understood. anyway, i reluctantly got out of bed again, switched on the tv, grabbed a book from the shelves and attempted to read. in no time, it was 6:00am and i was still unable to sleep. this time, i switched off the tv and lights, dumped the book and started playing solitaire on my mobile phone. on hindsight, that was not such a good idea cuz i think that actually made my mind more active and harder to rest. anyway, i completed the game over and over again for about 20 times, until i felt cramps in my fingers and right arm. of course my eyes were terribly weary too. finally got to sleep some at around 8:00am. woke up briefly at 10:00am and then let myself sleep a little more till noon.

needless to say, i woke up looking like such a panda today. didn't help that the neighbour's baby starting wailing non-stop from 8:30am onwards. i must go to bed early tonight. hopefully no more insomnia for me. peaceful sleep is precious, don't take it for granted.

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